Try not. Do or do not.

志不求易 事不避难

The Pianist
Last weekend,i watched The Pianist. It is not a movie about artist like the way i thought, but about how difficult to survive as a Jew in WWII.  I do not consider myself as an emotional person. Still, it is quite hard for me to hold all my feelings rush out while watching it. Desperate desire for live, lost of conscience,kids were beaten to death,the disabled old guy which were thrown out of the window, help from the germany officer......Every picture is so breath-taking. Tears just keep leaking from the corners of my eyes.  I love the way Polanski presented this whole story. You do not see lots of curses, hatreds ,angry. You know there were, you know that from rebels of Jews. Have mercy.

Perhaps  female leaders  will bring more peace to the world. After all, women are more sensitive and emotiaonal. Few of us could bear watching our love ones on the battlefield. Peace is our nature. Guess I am too simple and naive. However, i could not regard any profit over the value of people's life. There's no need to say, a war can destroy thousands of people's lives, or even square this numbers.

Once I had a friend, he used to believe the power of pray. He told me if  I want my wish come true I have to pray for something big for extra, like a bonus. Guess a peaceful world is big enough. I mean to pray for it. Love & peace.

Writer's Block: Background players
Monet's Capmo di Papaveri
What is your computer wallpaper right now?

Reasons I Love Winter

I love winter; it’s the season to snow.
Last week, the first snow flake had dropped in my hometown. The weather here is somehow milder than that of my home. For me, it is never a real winter without snow. Guess I have to be patient for the signal of winter here.
I love winter; it’s the season to enjoy food.
I remembered a sentence I’ve read “All the happiness are fake, except those happy feelings come from your stomach.” I don’t agree with the first part, but having a nice meal or snacks can truly bring me joy and happiness. Winter is a season mixed with all kinds of aromas, mom’s home cooking, hot drink, delicious soup, etc. And all of those just remind me of my sweet, sweet home.
I love winter; it’s the season to express your gratitude and love.
It is the time to be a giver, not only some present, but your time and love. That’s why there are many holidays in winter, whether that’s western or Chinese holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Spring Festival, all are for family reunion. Also many good chances to gather with friends over coffee.
I love winter, love all fuzzy and warm clothes I could wear; love holding a big glass of Hot Water/Milk/Coffee in my hand; love sitting around with friends to enjoy spicey hotspot……

So much love for winter, let us make each day count!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Fortress Besieged
My good friend, Jiang, who is also my high school classmate told me he got recommended for a Ph.D Degree this week, which means he is officially a Doctor-to-be. I thought that is brilliant and should be celebrated. Considering his major and research field, I said after his graduation, I would call him a scientist. However, he didn’t enjoy this title much. Jiang said he wished he got a job at the moment, instead of studying at school.
 “Hey, you’ve no idea how much we miss the school life. And, you’re here saying you want to get out of this wonderful life style!”
“What, you could miss that, but I bet you guys enjoy the society more, at least the salary part!”
“Well, for me, yes, that’s because I don’t have those qualifications to be a doctor now. Or I surely want have to be one.”
Being a doctor, to some degree, is a prove of one person’s ability in study&research, his/her commitment in perusing in a certain area, and so many other good qualities. I have a friend who got his doctor degree at twenty-eight. The first time I knew he completed his academic study in such a short time, I could say nothing but W=O=W.I told Jiang about this, he sighed. I guess that’s the time to change the subject.
In Qian Zhongshu’s novel “Fortress Besieged”, the famous line came from a French proverb. It goes like this,
Marriage is like a fortress besieged: those who are outside want to get in, and those who are inside want to get out.
Actually not only marriage suits this fortress besieged metaphor, so does our choice in career. I found many people are not satisfied with their current circumstances and wishing have taken the other option.
Don’t people know what they want, what’s good for them and also achievable? If they take things more serious and give more thought, there’s no need to regret. A peaceful heart is essential to not regretting as well.
Appreciate the scenery inside/outside the fortress besieged instead of complaint the road not be taken!
Anyway, congratulations Jiang, you are amazing!

People will too

People always talk about how they’ve changed after graduation. And I didn’t aware that also happened to me  till the other day my friend and I had a relaxed afternoon in a café. We talked a lot about old days. Having a sip of Mocha, suddenly, I was so surprised at how my consuming behavior had changed as my statue shifted from a student to a bread-maker.
I asked my friend if she shared the same feeling. She agreed a bit and told me whether she works or not, she just spent as much as she want on cosmetics and cloth, without even a blink. Yeah, it is not easy for people to say no when it came to their own private temptation. For me, I think that is book and movie.
And, generally speaking, my consuming behavior differs.
Those memories about my school days are still vivid. One precious piece of those is about coffee. At that time, I love coffee sold in our library the most, even that is from a vending machine. Even I left school for one year, every time I think about that coffee, its wonderful aroma comes into my mind alongside. However, as a student, only I felt I had an effective time in library, did I put one RMB into the coffee bending machine. I see that cup of coffee as a luxury. The funny thing is, when I look back now that coffee is the cheapest one I’ve ever had, but the best and tasty as well. Today, I buy coffee in Costa or Starbucks, which is kind of pricey. But tell the truth, it taste no better than the cheap library one. Because that coffee connects to the lovely and happy times I’ll never forget.

Morning exercises
Last Sunday, Dad and I went hiking and jogging @5:30 a.m. I have to say this city is really nice for nature-lovers to stay. It has mountains and seas. In the summer, outdoor activities are pretty various and healthy. When we got to the top of the mountain that morning, the view of the sea is also terrific. Weather, the breeze, my mood, everything at this moment is just perfect, except my posture……

Usually, i don't get up that early. Since my parents visited me last weekend, i guess it's necessary to accompany them tour around. My dad also picked some starfish nearby the beach later. He told me i should walk or joggling more as the enviroment is so nice. Haha, i love that just not let me do it alone.
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Writer's Block: Parlez-vous francais?
What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

I speak Mandarin as my mother tongue. At this moment, it's sort of embarrassing to admit English is the foreign language i know.
Since i left school, it seemed i left  my English there and gave that knowledge back to teachers.
SoooooIt's a priority for me to keep study it.
If i got extra energies, i'd love to learn spanish.

Writer's Block: Subtitles please
What is your favorite foreign film? Do you think there should be an American remake?

Good Will Hunting.
American remake?lol,though  im looking forward a sequel

Sleepy Ugly

The world I’m living on is no fairy tale. If we live in that world, by no means I m the sleeping beauty. Who would I be? No clue at all, probably im turning into Sleepy Ugly.

These days, i didn’t go hiking with my colleagues. But I still felt the same way like those days, that’s Sleepy. When I was in office, I keep telling myself to be awake. By the help of a morning coffee, it’s not too hard to stay awake. The only problem is when I back home, even it’s only 7p.m., my brain and eyes told me it seemed like already midnight. I couldn’t believe myself fall asleep before 8 p.m. for the past two days. What? Am I back to kindergarten again? From what I can recall, that’s the only period when I went to bed at 8 p.m.

No more sleep. Otherwise, im really going to be an Ugly……The Logic is that If I sleep too much, then I couldn’t study well about my work. Then I couldn’t done my work that good. So I won’t earn as much as I wanted. Hence, it’s impossible to afford all good food and go interesting places. And I will be not happy. The Final is without a good mood everyday, I became an Ugly…..

Life is like a bowl of cherries…

Life is like a bowl of cherries…

I could recall there’s a lovely song begin like that. I’m humming this part again and again almost the whole day. Why? Because Dalian’s cherry season is coming. One good thing about not being a student anymore is when you want something, just buy it (if your pocket has bucks). No necessary to ask your parents for money. Sometimes, your job also will bring some suprises, today my bonus is cherries. For this week, everyone of our department has got 7 BOXES of cherries. Not speaking of the taste cherries, all boxes were wrapped in a delicate way. As Jinzhou is a famous place for cherries, I bet they are delicious.
This weekend, I have to send 5 boxes to my family. The rest, left for my friends and I to enjoy.


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