Try not. Do or do not.

志不求易 事不避难

Happy Children’s Day

I was wondering how many countries in the world actually celebrate this “International Children’s Day”? And I’m even more curious how many 20 some “kids” will celebrated today.  Well, Qin and I have to hand up.

Qin and I like to find the “reason” to go out for a big meal. Birthdays, Labor days, wonderful days, and there’s no way we’ll miss this Children’s Day. Qin is a huge fan of Group-buying. She purchased coupon of All’s Well, a café in DDA. In a short, we enjoyed our Pizzas and all other food ordered there. The Greek Salad is amazing, their black pepper is so delicious. Haha, im so happy to meet Qin, a gilr to explore food together.



Weekends Updates
I didn’t do any post for almost one year. Sorry it’s one month, but I feel like a whole  year long. It’s not because nothing worthy recording here . Quite opposite, too much happened and since I always behaving as a good employee, so……no time for posting.
And what I’ve been busy for lately?

This Weekends.
The first and most important one is the sports meeting of our system been held in this Saturday. Yes, I participated, as an athlete. For about a whole month, I keep jogging and doing exercises every weekday. I’m really not that type of “sports person”, however, this exercise was a team thing and organized by our system…….. In order to avoiding losing face in the “big day”, I take this exercise thing pretty serious and did well.
Now, the good news about my participation is I didn’t get hurt, or lose face on field. And the bad one is I didn’t get any prize at all. And this Saturday, I also responsible for awarding prizes on this sports meeting.

Last Weekends.
Friday night, I hang out with colleagues. We went to had some yummy Korean barbecues, which was recommended by a friend of my colleague. Then it’s KTV time, girls grabbed lots of snacks and soft drinks. Yang graduated from Moscow not long ago. I guess he missed KTV a lot during his days aboard, he sing a lot, and the point is he’s sort of punk star in KTV. Bo used to study in Japan, but unfortunately before she sing anything, I got my parent’s message and heading to my apartment. My mom and dad came this Friday night to visit me. My dad is busy for work, haven’t got any chance to check out DDA yet. Saturday is May the 20 th, this date in Mandarin sounds like when we say “ I love you”. I think it’s super nice I could spent this “ I love you” day with my parents.

Weekends before the Last one.
Qin and I had a nice meal in Stroller’s in downtown, then we shopped for some T-shirts. I’m so glad to meet Qin, a girl in another department. Both of us would love to explore the city and try new food. And days ago, I checked a food websites and find a nice western style bar named Stroller’s. She’d love to try out with me. And it didn’t make us regret. Stroller’s is decorated in the way suits its name very well. When we entered, I felt like it’s a countryside bar in the States or located in an unknown European village. The milkshakes and Storller’s Pizza are just fine. The Lasagne they served totally exceeds our expectations. By the way, we got there at lunch time, but surprised to find no other customer at all. I was joking we looks super rich, bought the whole bar this noon. Later, the boss told us, in most cases, few people would come before 5 p.m., even in weekends.

a pic taken from Stroller's. We didn't think about taking any photos till we finished most of food.

I woke up at 2:40 p.m.this morning and watched the finals live broadcasst.

Happy Mother’s Day

Here, I want to say happy mother’s day to the most important woman in the universe. When I wake up this morning, I sent a message to my mom. This noon, mom phoned me and we talked a little. It feels great. She’s going to prepare for my grandpa’s hongkong journey this afternoon. How I wish I could be a great daughter like her.
Memory about last Mother’s Day is blur. That’s because last May near my graduation. All I was thinking everyday was about job, job and job. Last year, I went through a lot. Thanks to my mom, who’s always there for me. I am so grateful for having the most wonderful mom in the world. Thank you!
There’s only one love in the world never asks return, it’s parents’ love. What I could do to pleases my parents is to live a happy life. Meanwhile, I wish to give them all those good things in the world. It’s such a childish idea? But I mean it, and will never forget that.


Beijing Tour
Finished almost 2 months vocational training, finally, im back to the life with internet. A lot happened in this period, and there are tons of things about the training I wan to say. However, i’d love to leave all those memories in my mind.

Today, my point is about this: The May Holiday follows the 2 months training. And I got on my train to Beijing. I am so excited to visit Beijing, or I rather say to see my best friend Gao who work there.

Since I only hanve three days off, everything seemed in a rush. However, at this moment, nothing pleases me more than meeting her. Gao set a great schedule for us one week ago. I have seen almost all those scenic areas I’d love to see ( No time for the Great Wall this time). Let me count, where I have been in 3 days, Tian’an Men Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Prince Gong Mansion, The Palace Museum, many famous Beijing Hu tong –Nan Luo Gu Lane, Yan Dai Xie Jie and 798 Art District. Compared to the modern monopolies part of Beijing, I enjoy the ancient historical sections of this city.

What I love most is those enormous ancient buildings, gardens, all those beautiful, meaningful and delicate decorations. Sometimes, I felt the ages, like all those hundreds of years past by me. Sometimes, I found those ancient buildings preserved and protected so well, I have to doubt they were build one or two decades ago. No…Way…. Nowdays, people here are more focus on profits rather than safety thing, not speak of the artistic aspects. That’s pretty sad.

Back to the point, I have to say, any young people if you visit Beijing, you definitely have to visit Shicha Sea’s night life. You could have some drinks under willow tress while enjoying great scenery. There’re also different bands playing in the bars since 5 p.m. My friend and I ordered a soft drink named Honey Peach Paradise. It was not only has gorgeous color, but succulent. We’ve been in Shicha Hai from 3 p.m. till 9 p.m. As Gao and I also choose to ride bicycle and have a tour there. There’s Jiumen Xiaochi, where all famous Beijing Sneaks gathered. Thanks to Gao, I appreciated so many wonderful food. We also have a nice meal in the Shinhwa's theme resturant in Gulou Street. To recall this trip, there are so many sweet things. I am too tired to write down all. Luckly i got my camera to picture several amazing moments.

I spent two nights with Gao, we talked till midnight. The feeling is so good, like we were back to the university time when we were roomies. We used to talk very late, and topics usually shift from A to B less than one second. Hope she could moved to Dalian soon. I just back from Beijing, from her, I missed her already.

By the way, Daohuaxiang’s dim sum are awesome! People who love dim sum shouldn't miss.
All the below pictures were taken in Shicha Sea while i sit on back of Gao's bicyle.

This lovely girl is my CUTE roomie in college and also BFF XD

Hot N Cold Tangfeng Spring
To celebrate Women’s day in March 8th , all female colleagues had a great day in the Tangfeng Spring today. This Spring Valla a Tang Dynasty style. All waiters and waitress dressed up gave you the illusion you’re back to the old dynasty. I am pretty excited because we just have a quite heavy snow yesterday which makes taking a hot spring bath outdoors much more fun. Like I expected, I enjoyed the spring bath outside, though I tried some amazing indoor baths. I prefer seeing white mountains and feeling the bise in the spring bath in the same time. Meanwhile, your whole body feels the temperature of water. This comparison relax my mind and body.
Later, Q, B and I went upstairs for some free fruits, drinks and biscuits. They also have private movie screen for people to watch.
Haha, though I have to say myself not a woman and yet still a girl, I am damn enjoy this Women’s day.

Routine weekend
Like almost every other weekend here, I went to have meals in the same restaurant , then Sunday I would go to the library for some books. It’s no boring at all. But the problem is I thought weekends should be very lively. I miss the old days hangouting with Yuhang and C. But right now it’s in the opposite way, I don’t have good friends here and are getting familiar with new colleagues. During the workdays, life is more fulfilled. *Pretty sad*
Next weekend, I would try to ask some new colleagues out and hangout a little bit. Everyone needs friends in life, especially in weekends.

There’s a Poet in the next cubic

I have been in the new office for a while. I am more than a newbie here, but also the “baby”. Almost everyone I work with everyday are older than me. To some young people, that might be a scared thing. You barely see or speak 20 something for the whole day. What you talk, and behave probably follow their way.
But, that’s totally not me.
I love to work with young people; they are full of energy and new ideas. You have the same topics to discuss and similar fashion trends. Meanwhile, I appreciate working with more matured people, especially my current colleagues. Though they are more experienced and knowledgeable, they won’t treat you like a kid. I’d love to be the apprentice but no the kid here.
These days, after lunch or during the break time, we talk a lot. I may not be a great talker but definitely a good listener. Just today, N showed me his poems. He got a whole portfolio of his poems, and all were the ancient Chinese poems. I read all of his poems. They are…..spectacular……He told me, all these were written down during the journal across the whole China. He had been travel a lot. He read a lot since he was a kid. I guess he knows almost everything you could find in history or geography books. That’s why he could come up with those poems. When he traveled, he related the present scene to history, to someone, and the words just pop up sentimentally. While reading those poems, N also told me some interesting adventures in his journeys. For a moment, I thought I was in school again, and listening to some nice professors’ lecture. I am so glad N, who sit next to me is more than an experienced employee, but also a great observer of life and a poet.

Happy Spring Festival ^^

2011 is the year of rabbit. Both of my mom and I are the rabbits according to the Chinese Zodiac. I have the feeling, this year is gonna be a wonderful year. I’m pretty looking forward to this year. I will make some New Year’s Resolutions and work on them for the next 365 days.

One non-secret New Year’s wish is……Though I am not Miss Whatever, I sincerely hope the world peace, no war anymore. The country flourishes and people live in peace.

I'm really excited at this moment, of this extraodinary day. It’s so nice that the whole family gets together and enjoys the special festival. I love New Year's Eve. I love reunion dinner, Shousui and firworks.
Now, my dearest mom is cooking yummy dumplings......

I’M BACK to the Internet

Haven’t blog for a while…...This became my first post in 2011, it’s because I moved out of my home.
It really surprises me that I only enjoyed two days of the winter break( long winter break is the only privilege that working in school ), and suddenly i was informed to begin my new work. This news make me cancel beijing trip and my family put off japan trip.
But be honest, I love my current work (my official second job in my lifetime). The sacrifice worth it.

On the other hand, for this job I have to move out of my hometown. These days, I'm glad to meet many new people. They are fun and smart. The other five new employees and I are still in the study process. Everything is fine here. Just I couldn’t see my parents everyday make me feel weird......After all, I have studied in this city for four years, I should be more mature and independent if i live alone.

There are always pros and cons in one thing, i should see them more positively. With interntet, distance is nothing, right? My aparment doesn't have internet access right now. For the next few days, I could only use cellphone to check emails and QQ. As there are some heater work need to be done in my apartment, I could stay in a hotel for two days. Yeahhhhh,I am staying in a great hotel(with internet) now. I brought my laptop here. After dinner,I talked with my parents and few friends through internet, checked some news and funny blogs, download some study profile tonight. Days without internet make me more appreciate technology, especially the Internets.

Life with Internet is Awwwwwwwesome.


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