Try not. Do or do not.

志不求易 事不避难

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Life is like a bowl of cherries…

Life is like a bowl of cherries…

I could recall there’s a lovely song begin like that. I’m humming this part again and again almost the whole day. Why? Because Dalian’s cherry season is coming. One good thing about not being a student anymore is when you want something, just buy it (if your pocket has bucks). No necessary to ask your parents for money. Sometimes, your job also will bring some suprises, today my bonus is cherries. For this week, everyone of our department has got 7 BOXES of cherries. Not speaking of the taste cherries, all boxes were wrapped in a delicate way. As Jinzhou is a famous place for cherries, I bet they are delicious.
This weekend, I have to send 5 boxes to my family. The rest, left for my friends and I to enjoy.


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