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Try not. Do or do not.

志不求易 事不避难

The Pianist
Last weekend,i watched The Pianist. It is not a movie about artist like the way i thought, but about how difficult to survive as a Jew in WWII.  I do not consider myself as an emotional person. Still, it is quite hard for me to hold all my feelings rush out while watching it. Desperate desire for live, lost of conscience,kids were beaten to death,the disabled old guy which were thrown out of the window, help from the germany officer......Every picture is so breath-taking. Tears just keep leaking from the corners of my eyes.  I love the way Polanski presented this whole story. You do not see lots of curses, hatreds ,angry. You know there were, you know that from rebels of Jews. Have mercy.

Perhaps  female leaders  will bring more peace to the world. After all, women are more sensitive and emotiaonal. Few of us could bear watching our love ones on the battlefield. Peace is our nature. Guess I am too simple and naive. However, i could not regard any profit over the value of people's life. There's no need to say, a war can destroy thousands of people's lives, or even square this numbers.

Once I had a friend, he used to believe the power of pray. He told me if  I want my wish come true I have to pray for something big for extra, like a bonus. Guess a peaceful world is big enough. I mean to pray for it. Love & peace.